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The impetus for forming Midwest Connections, Inc. arose when an agricultural supply company in Southeast Kansas was unable to find a rural ISP that could provide adequate bandwidth for remote data-backup and transfer.  After building an initial link between branch locations in Thayer, KS and Chanute, KS, Midwest Connections, Inc. expanded its services to provide broadband for local businesses, schools and residents formerly limited to dialup Internet service or expensive  fiber-optic and satellite Internet setups.
Tower Installation/Coverage Area Expansion Dates
Date Town
2003 December Earlton
2004 February Thayer
2004 April Chanute
2004 July Humbolt
2004 September Iola
2004 August Erie
2004 November Kincaid
2005 March Parker
2005 March Louisburg
2005 May LaCygne
2005 November Paola
2005 December Hillsdale Lake
2006 March Altoona
2006 May Franklin County/Rantoul
2008 March LaCygne Water Tower
2008 March Galesburg
2008 March Williamsburg
2008 March Williamsburg Water Tower
2008 April Franklin County #2 (Williamsburg)
2008 July Wellsville
2008 September Franklin County #4 (Wellsville)
2008 October Oswatomie
2008 November Franklin County #3 (Pomona)
2010 September Sundstrom Grain Leg
2011 June Idaho Road



Altoona-Midway Schools:
By linking two locations together and connecting the high-school with two elementary sites, Altoona-Midway Schools is able to access the World Wide Web at an affordable price.

USD 101: (June 2003)
For the spread-out school district, Midwest Connections provides Internet Service and wireless networking over a span of thirty miles, connecting the School District’s high-school and three Elementary Schools, making remote communications and distance learning possible over high bandwidth without the high price of fiber lines.

Central Heights Schools:
In the spring of 2006 when their former Internet service provider went out of business, students, faculty and staff in Central Heights Schools were left without access to broadband Internet service, an educational necessity. Online classes were halted and research tools were out of reach. At the behest of the district and acting quickly, Midwest Connections, Inc. added equipment to a Franklin County emergency communications tower and was able to have Central Heights Schools back online, while also adding a new range of subscribers in Franklin County.

Prairie View High-School:
Midwest Connections, Inc. has installed and continues to maintain a 3 Meg connection to Kan-Ed’s Internet 2 for IDL learning between schools.


Video Conferencing: Connecting Courthouses with Jails and Detention Centers:
Video conferencing over Internet protocol has enabled law enforcement personnel in correctional facilities and holding centers to communicate with the judicial departments miles away. Over a wireless broadband connection, courts can carry out video conferencing arraignments, increasing safety and cutting down on travel and transportation expenses. 

 VoIP Phone System Design:
Ideal for businesses with multiple locations, the VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) setup by Midwest Connections allows several places to share the same phone line over a broadband Internet connection, allowing for easy transfers, saving on long-distance calls, and adding a plethora of features unavailable with the standard POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service). Our engineers will design a phone system tailored to your specific telecommunications needs.

Rutlader Outpost:
A Wi-Fi Hotpot powered by Midwest Connections gives campers access to broadband Internet connectivity while visiting the Louisburg-area Middle Creek Theatre venue, Gift Shop and RV Park.

Chanute Insurance Pool:
By installing a 60ft tower near the business location, Midwest Connections can provide a high bandwidth connection enabling online auctions to occur in real-time with streaming video.

Restaurant and Nightclub Security Cameras:
Cameras catch and record activities inside and outside of dining and social establishments. Streaming video over high-bandwidth connections allow security officers and business owners to bring up a camera’s view anywhere with broadband access. Restaurant and club owners can keep an eye on their businesses even if they at home or out of town.


Chamber of Commerce - Ottawa, KS

Chamber of Commerce - Louisburg, KS

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